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Seaduction: Dahab’s signature dining by the sea

Seaduction: Dahab’s signature dining by the sea

Seaduction DNE Buzz Review

When I first noticed it, I thought the name was genius. Seaduction owes its name to the temptation of the sea, yet the taste is nothing but original. Boasting a signature ingredient and unique touch to each dish, the Dahab-based restaurant/café provides the most distinguished and classy-yet-simple fine dining experience, the best—and arguably the only—such experience in the coastal city.

Dahab is one of Egypt’s most enchanting coastal areas, blessed with a mountainous view, warm winter weather, and a chill, welcoming atmosphere and population.

Apart from having been a proper hippie destination in the 80s, the city has seen an internal migration wave by Egyptians seeking a retreat from the Cairo hustle.

Mostafa, one of the owners, was among those who preferred the coast location over the capital city. Seeing a dearth of Lebanese restaurants, he was sure there would be an audience for his new project in the Sinai attraction.

Seaduction customers vary from foreigners to Egyptians, and sometimes Bedouins. A small population of the friendly owners’ and customers’ dogs are also an addition to the relaxed, all-welcoming spirit of the restaurant, which comes as part of the Mirage Village, which provides a remarkable diving experience.

The restaurant comprises a fine dining area with beautifully decorated light bulbs showing a local ethnic touch and offering a romantic atmosphere in the evening. It also offers a more informal café area, more open to the air where drinks and shisha can be offered. A Bedouin floor-seating corner is also available, but is mostly left to those who wish to relax a little and mostly used by the Bedouin visitors or by-passers.

Seaduction DNE Buzz Review

From a vastly rich menu, we tried the shish tawook and the cordon bleu. Although a customary dish, the shish was amazingly rich, and elegantly presented with two sides of fried potatoes and sautéed vegetables. The cordon bleu, their recommendation, with its cheese-filled chicken and just the right amount of creamy mushroom sauce was exquisite! What I loved more was the sauté, and the chef’s ability to turn a most ordinary—and maybe boring—side to an utterly enjoyable treat with only a small touch of spinach and garlic.

The tabboula was good, but the vine leaves, presented as a cold mezza appetizer, was both delicious and unique. A pomegranate dip and generous filling added a completely new and enhanced taste to the appetizer although, personally, I would have preferred a little bit less of the dip. All things considered, it is only to their advantage that every dish boasts a unique and tasty signature touch, even if slightly adjustable.

Chef Elias Makhoul, who takes charge of the menu and presentation, says he tests and mixes each dish based on his travels and many restaurant opening experiences. And although he worked in the Dubai Marina, his true launch was during his three years of work at the Intercontinental Doha in Qatar prior to that.

The desserts are also among the top orders at Seaduction, with the chocolate fountain being the most impressive and most valued by customers.

Besides the food, the overly friendly staff, the beautiful lighting, the comfortable seating, and the handsomely selected music make for a jazzy, chill atmosphere suitable to the lodging and an unforgettable dining experience.

You may have to be careful as you dine in the open air, as the food may go cold a little quickly. But if you get to visit this charming surroundings, what you should not miss is to enjoy the breathtaking view and fresh seaside presence, especially in the full moon!

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