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Colours of Joy: a rainbow of local eyewear for every woman

Colours of Joy: a rainbow of local eyewear for every woman

Colors of Joy eywear collection

Under the beaming sun that seizes to take it any easier all year long, she juggles a hectic agenda and the roles of few different individuals. To her, fashion is not only a way to express her thoughts, it is also a daily companion that helps her get through her growing to-do lists.

Despite her relatively young age, this woman has a successful life that came as a result of many busy mornings. She is a multitasker who understands the rapid pace of the digital millennium; she is also the kind of person that would never walk away from a good piece of art.

Yasmine Seoud is a young fashion entrepreneur who aims to address women, who lead active lifestyles. Her eyewear brand, Jazzy, is a subtle statement that is keen to provide practicality without giving up on style. Much like her target audience, the designer is on a quest to always balance fashion and daily needs.

For her new collection, Seoud had different women at the back of her head while designing. “Colors of Joy” reaches out to the artist, the dreamy traveler, the business woman, the young mother, and many others. While all of the targeted women share busy days, long nights and ambitious future plans; each has her own flair.

The collection’s color pallet includes a bold duality between blue and green, feminine Ombre pink and the contrast of blue versus pink. Furthermore, it also gives a nod to timeless shades of matt gold and silver.

With that said, the shapes cross few lines between contemporary trends and timeless retro. While the colour-mix suggests a genuine infatuation with the 1970s’ colour-blocking mania, the design brings it to the modern time.

From cat-eye and John Linnon’s round frames on one side to the rectangular silhouette on the other, the new collection plans to find its way into the wardrobe of various women.

Jazzy Eyewear was launched last summer, when Seoud decided to create a local brand with premium quality and affordable prices. While her manufacturing process is implemented locally, she plans to take her brand to international markets.

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