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Nathalie’s gallery ushers steampunk into internet age

Nathalie’s gallery ushers steampunk into internet age

In the 19th century, the world stood still to watch a true machinery-led revolution take place take the world by storm. For years, the entire globe marvelled at the effect and power of immaculate industrial steam-powered machinery. Tiny metal parts changed the world without introduction and with no window to go back.

As a tribute to that moment in time, steampunk was created. It is a school of design and fashion, which depends on historical elements of anachronistic technological features and is inspired by science fiction. The avant-garde style combines drama with rustic allure.

Inspired by his grandfather’s antique watch at a young age, Ahmed Saeed discovered his talent of transforming vintage machinery into accessories. After cultivating his hobby for years, Saeed was motivated to start producing high-quality accessories influenced by the industrial era.

With an unerring eye for details and a vision for the potential for any piece to become something entirely different from what it started as, the steampunk advocate founded Nathalie’s gallery as a platform for his extraordinary creations. Fond of the treasures found around downtown, Saeed is a master at sourcing his required parts and transforming them beyond recognition.

From keychains to home accessories, his designs vary between a wide diversity of ideas. Meanwhile, his price point also differs based on the utilised parts. While he often uses metal pieces, he sometimes chooses to incorporate gold and stone-encrusted components for slightly more expensive items.

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