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Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski’s food fiesta: food for everyone’s taste

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski’s food fiesta: food for everyone’s taste

while people’s cravings usually drags them into a strongly desired cuisine, having all kinds of kitchens in one place where all tastes are satisfied, is the main purpose offered by Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski people last week, at the food fiesta.

Gathering all the four different restaurants, the fancy glamorous hotel—with horizon pools—each competing to serve the best plates from its kitchen: a variation of mouth-watering food was the result dozens of people enjoyed.

The food fiesta witnessed food competitions between the chefs of the five different cuisine restaurants located in the hotel: “Bab Al-Qasr” the eastern kitchen, “Lucca” the Italian, “the State” which offers a mixed twist of European-eastern dishes; “Ramanov” the steakhouse, and “Yana” the Thai cuisine.

The light cold breeze of November, along with the warm sun, and the music of the live band and singer, created the looked-for atmosphere to spend your weekend chilling. Digging into appetisers, all sorts of seafood salads, steaks, sushi, burgers, grilled kabab, chicken sweet and sour, and risotto among many others plates, not to forget the deserts with all the colours of the rainbow, is all what is needed to satisfy all tastes and desires.    

In Bab Al-Qasr we were served kabab, chicken shawarma, and grape leaves rolls stuffed with rice, which were the plates we liked the most.

The kabab was well seasoned, slowly grilled to be served moist and tender. The chicken shawerma sandwiches are also a good choice to taste the result of mixing Arab herbs all together in a plate. For the appetisers, nothing beats the grape leaves which was served with extra lemon and with the rice well-cooked inside.

A Ramanov steak is also one of our recommendations. Served medium-well, chili barbeque sauce is one of the unique dippings to ask for. However, the steak slightly missed being extra juicy.

The State offers some of the best seafood salads and appetisers one can have. Cold shrimps dipped in sweet-chili sauce is one of our most liked appetisers of them all.

Yana also offered one-of-a-kind chicken sweet and sour, and our Asia’s most preferred and rarely found in Egypt fruits.

The served food was too much than our ability to try it all, so we might have missed even more delicious choices.

All restaurants are available for reservation at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski.

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