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Nuweiba: Egypt’s paradise of serenity

Nuweiba: Egypt’s paradise of serenity

There is no place better than the Sinai’s Nuweiba, where you can capture the real essence of the desert: waking at sunrise, just moments before the sun peaks over the mountains, and diving into the water just as the sun rises amidst the clouds. When the night comes, people start gathering from nearby villages to play, strumming traditional love songs beneath the stars.

If you think about a colour to describe Nuweiba, it would be purple. As, the sun slips behind the mountains on the Egyptian side, mountains on Saudi Arabian shores start to smoothly change their colours from brown, to a majestic purple, to black as the day flees from the horizon.

Nuweiba, 476km from Cairo, is a perfect fit for someone who is travelling on a budget. In the area between Nuweiba and Taba lies Ras Shitan, where you can find modest beach camps along the shore. These camps are beacons of simplicity,  only having the bear minimum in terms of luxury, yet they provide the ultimate experience if you just want to relax on the beach with a book and tan, live an underwater diving fantasy in the Red Sea, or explore a hiking trail with breath-taking views

Only a few kilometres from the city of Nuweiba, you will find Maagana camp, one of the first camps to set up in the area, with a stunning view surrounding a bay. The camp’s beach huts are located directly on the beach. With a dive centre on site, activities at Maagana include diving and snorkelling.

On the Ras Shitan strip, you can also find the 35-year-old Fayrouz Beach Camp, where you can spend your days in a blissful haze of sun and snorkels, staking out the best shade during the hottest part of the day, and sleeping out on the sand at night.

The beauty of nature and the desert vibes that afflict this area can’t be found anywhere else in the Sinai peninsula. There’s something special about the atmosphere, something for the soul,  that you can only feel when you experience it personally.

The weather in Nuweiba, is suitable all year round, however, in August, temperatures are usually very high. Yet, you can catch the annual August Perseid meteor shower. If you wait for the moon to set, you would be able to watch the stars in all their glory, with their reflections sparkling on the water.

If you decide to stay at the Big Dune Camp, a popular beach with Israelis near the town of Nuweiba and near the village of Tarabin, you would be able to enjoy the vibrant colours reflecting on the mountains in the afternoons, as the water itself turns shades of violet.

Located just minutes away from the camps, on the other side of the road, is Castle Zaman which is a unique destination that offers pristine views, yet its decor and ambiance remind you that you are in the midst of nature. The castle, which tries not to disturb the serenity of its surroundings, offers a full day experience where you can spend a relaxing day on their stone pool, while waiting for your dinner from their slow-cooking restaurant.

Getting to Nuweiba is easy, you only need to catch a bus from Cairo directly to your destination, and the bus travels through the Taba – Nuweiba highway. For foreigners, it is even easier, as they only need to fly to Sharm El-Sheikh, and from there can take a bus to their destination.

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