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40% increase in ADSL usage due to coronavirus measures

40% increase in ADSL usage due to coronavirus measures

ADSL internet usage has increased by up to 40% in recent days, with the figure set to become clearer in the next week, according to a mobile sector source.

The increase in ADSL usage has been confirmed by Ayman Essam, head of the foreign and legal relations sector at Vodafone Egypt. He said the increase in usage was due to the curfew and other precautionary measures put in place nationwide.

Essam added that the Vodafone network has been continuously developed over the past few years, to take into account the increase in customers and growth in use.

He noted that the company has a specialised team working on the continuity of providing services to customers and managing the network in crisis or emergency situations.

A Telecom Egypt source said the company has recently been developing the telecommunications sector’s infrastructure  and is continuing this development.

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The source explained that the company has invested approximately $1.6bn since mid-2018 to develop Egypt’s infrastructure. These developments have contributed to raising the average internet speed, as well as the minimum speeds of internet packages, which have risen to 30 Mbps.

According to the Ministry of Communications, the number of ADSL subscribers in Egypt was about 7.3 million at the end of 2019. Telecom Egypt accounts for roughly 79.5% of Egypt’s Internet users, with nearly 5.8 million subscribers at the end of 2019. The remaining 1.5 million subscribers are distributed among other Internet providers.

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