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Fairmont Nile City Spa: Escaping the city to nature embracement

Fairmont Nile City Spa: Escaping the city to nature embracement

Escaping the crowds, stress, and Cairo’s exhausting lifestyle, through a couple of hours of pure relaxation and amusement, is one of the best ways to treat yourself after long week days; a luxury that Fairmont Nile City offers through its spa’s open doors to visitors.

Overlooking the charming, glamorous Nile, in one of Cairo’s finest neighbourhoods, sits Fairmont Nile City, redefining leisure and extravagance at its spa.

Warmth and cosiness are the first feelings you will feel stepping into the spa; starting with the warmly welcoming and super friendly, smiling staff, to the sound of smoothly running water in the background, which initiates the feelings of nature embracing you, away from haunting modernism.

Dark brown wood and sandy textures are the most dominating features of the place. The spa is designed in a desert theme, aiming to spread nature vibes, which naturally gives you an instant feeling of stress relief and recovery from the city’s hustle.

The spa offers several facilities for its visitors to enjoy, including a sauna, steam room, and different types of massages upon request, with a fancy lounge are where you can take some time off and have a warm cup of coffee while swinging on La-Z-Boy-style chairs.

At the hands of a professional Thai masseuse began an hour of escaping reality and absolute relaxation. Requesting an hour-long full-body, relaxing massage, I did not expect time to fly that fast. Nevertheless, it took away all the muscle stiffness and stress knots.

The relaxing massage was among a list of diversified options: stone massage, Thai massage, maternity massage, and stress relief massage.

While filling the application, visitors are requested to ask for a body part-specific massage on one or several parts of the body. With the Thai masseuses known for mastering such massages, I could not leave the spa without asking for a foot massage, something that the masseuse perfectly applied, and I highly recommend. With selecting the strength of the pressure, Fairmont’s professional masseuses perfectly provide one of the best, most luxurious, and relaxing massages in town.

The massage provides a perfect chance for regaining one’s lost energy and calming their running thoughts. Despite separated sections for men and women, couple massages are available upon request.

Other than the diversified massage options, Fairmont Nile City’s spa offers packages of leisure through its energising rain and ice-mist showers, desert-inspired steam rooms, and refreshing ice fountains. It also serves customers a chance to try milk, honey, and sea salt baths. Moreover, it provides you a chance to pamper your body with scrubs and facials.

Fairmont Nile City’s spa is an experience of complete pamper and luxury; a highly recommended high-end destination to hit on the weekend if you’re looking for somewhere to clear your mind and recharge your energy.

Prices range from $140-200 and prior reservations are required.

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