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Sharm El Luli: Egyptian fairytale Red Sea beach astonishes world travellers

Sharm El Luli: Egyptian fairytale Red Sea beach astonishes world travellers

Lying about 60km south of major tourist hotspot Marsa Alam, Sharm El Luli is Egypt’s answer to the Maldives. The small bay on the west coast of the Red Sea was highly praised by major international travel agencies for its lovely white sands and magic blue waters.

Both American online travel agencies, Expedia Group and TripAdvisor, spoke highly of the Egyptian spot. TripAdvisor awarded Sharm El Luli the certificate of excellence and the travellers’ choice award in 2018.

The website also ranked Sharm El Luli as the 25th best beach worldwide, and the second best beach in the Middle East region. It is depicted on the site as a “paradise, a pristine, beautiful beach and a tropical aquarium underwater”.

The spot is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Marsa Alam, Egypt’s already well-known and southernmost travel destination.

Sharm El Luli can be found in the Ras Hankorab area along with the Mangrove Tree Beach, and is located in the heart of the Wadi Al-Gemal coastal national park in the Red Sea Governorate.

Although Red Sea resorts are open year-round, in July and August it is better to refrain from travelling to the region due to the high heat during these months. The optimum time to visit Sharm El Luli is in May and June, and September and October, as the weather tends to be cooler and hotel prices are starting to lower at these points.

With its crystal water, beautiful sandy beach, wonderful reef, the beach attracts many visitors every year. The sands are pearly white under the clear sun which reflects the colour of the corals to a tee. If people are looking for colourful coral reefs with different types of fish and a virgin beach, then Sharm El Luli is the place to go to.

The coral formations at Sharm El Luli are truly the stuff of fairytales, and feature fish life that is both interesting and varied. The vibrant colours, shapes, and sizes of the dozens of different coral species are just stunning, leaving divers with the feeling that they are drifting away and dreaming their own underwater dream.

The beach is characterised by clear, pure waters and white sand, as well as the absence of rocks, and the gradual increase of the water depth. It is also famous for its marine activities, such as diving and snorkelling, which are among the most enjoyable activities for tourists visiting the area.

Visitors love this place for its sea life, and can marvel at the diverse species of fish, including butterfly fish, pufferfish, Napoleon fish, and clownfish. They can also eye some sea turtles during their snorkelling or diving trip.

The beach is considered as a prime destination for people travelling to Marsa Alam, thanks to its pristine and clear blue waters, and the underwater sea life makes it a perfect spot for sea activities.

Sharm El Luli is quite a beautiful beach, with the prime attraction being nature and the solitude. Its primitive nature may not suit everyone, but that is really a huge part of its charm. The beach itself is pretty spartan, though, with no shade structures of any sort. Its visitors may find shelter in the Bedouin tent where coffee and tea are brewed and served the traditional way.

Marsa Alam is not the only city in Egypt that ranks on the top beaches list, as Shark’s Bay Beach and Ras Um Sid in Sharm El-Sheikh also landed in the fifth and eighth spots, respectively.

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