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Cairo’s Al-Muizz Street Gets a Facelift

Cairo’s Al-Muizz Street Gets a Facelift

Have you ever visited Cairo's Muizz Street? If not, you have to go, as you will be surprised by the splendour of the historic street

Have you ever visited Cairo’s Muizz Street? If not, you have to go, as you will be surprised by the splendour of the historic street. If yes, DNE BUZZ advises you to revisit, as it is now awaiting you in its conserved and renovated form.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has completed work on the renovation project’s first phase that modernised and developed the night lighting systems on Al-Muizz Street.

All the archaeological buildings along Al-Muizz, one of Cairo’s oldest streets have been revamped. This falls within the ministry’s plans to develop and restore Egypt’s archaeological areas to highlight its beauty.

Hisham Samir, Assistant Minister for Engineering Affairs and General Supervisor of the Historic Cairo Project indicated that the first phase of the project included the installation and modernisation of the lighting systems along the historic street.

The second phase currently being implemented includes the installation of a certain quality of lighting fixtures for the facades and lengths of buildings.

Al-Muizz street lies in the Gamaleya District, one of the main historical areas in Cairo. This area has traces of Islamic civilisation from the Mamluk era. Although this area has many historical sites. It is said that El Gamaleya is named after prince “Jamal al-Din Mahmud al-Istdar” due to the school built by him in 1409 AH.

That school was one of the greatest schools in Cairo. Al-Istdar  was a Mamluk prince from the reign of the Burji Mamluks. The Burji dynasty was a Circassian Mamluk dynasty which ruled Egypt, in the Mamluk Sultanate.

Visitors have to inter into El Gamaleya district through Bab El-Nasr gate, and on the right side after entering, people see Wakala al-Sultan Qaytbay.

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