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N by Natalie invites women to ‘Living City’

N by Natalie invites women to ‘Living City’

Busy schedules require smart fashion decisions. As everyone is running to catch up with their expanding to-do lists, some women choose to depend on trusted pieces of clothes in order to never lose a beat. In a bustling cosmopolitan city such as Cairo, the winning combination of well-fitted pair of denim and versatile white shirt can never be rivalled.

Ready to wear brand, N by Natalie, is specialised in nothing but clever tops that can match a handful of dress-codes and never swim against the trendy tide. The designer’s latest FW2018 collection, Living the City, aims to live up to its name. Through a number of practical designs, the collection presents different looks that empower women with effortless elegance while she is busy attaining her dreams in the big city.

As modern schedules rarely offer a window for wardrobe change during the day, each design from this collection plans to accompany women from their early mornings at work, to their afternoon lunches with friends, to even last-minute business dinners, and finally fancy nights out.

N By Natalie has the long-awaited answer to the long dilemma, balancing simple elegance with smart twists. The collection bridges the need to meet expectations as well as stand out effortlessly. Ultimately, saving women from the hassle of changing outfits and shopping for every occasion, Living the City’s statement pieces should become an essential part of every urban woman’s wardrobe.

The home-grown brand is known for mastering shirts and blouses. For the new collection, the brand utilised local top-quality materials, varying between silk, lace, and even denim. The collection’s core pieces include another rendition of the classic white shirt, but with a contemporary twist, giving it a glamorous touch.

Furthermore, the collection features a number of limited-edition evening tops fit for special occasions. The tops are made in very limited quantities leaving its wearer feeling unique and special.

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