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Rania Taymour’s new handbag collection merges beauty of past with future

Rania Taymour’s new handbag collection merges beauty of past with future

Made to carry daily objects, handbags are by definition an intimate accessory that can tell a lot about their owners. While most clutches tell stories via their hidden components, Rania Taymour’s designs are different, as they are the de facto storytellers. Without the need for any other elements, her designs capture the country’s most prominent cultural glimpses, through elaborate embroidery and a vast colour pallet.

RT by Rania Taymour is a true ambassador which travels with elaborate symbols of local civilisation. A designer often mixes different materials in creative methods; hence each creations has an independent personality.

Designed to suit both day and night events, RT’s clutches come in a variety of materials and colours. That said, the RT brand can best be described as a colourful merge of heritage and modernity. Along with tokens of the past, all designs embrace modern elements to balance the final result.

Made to be carried around, not stored in closets, the clutches are quite practical and worthy of memorable street style. Taymour said she often finds her inspiration in museums and exhibitions held at the countries she visits. She always designs for the contemporary woman.

Taymour is currently occupied with her upcoming FW19 collection, which is set to see light next month. Since she has not yet embraced mass production, the new collection is expected to be limited in numbers, as with her previous work.

Due to the fact that she is currently absorbed in the production of her collection, Taymour finds it a perfect timing to advocate craftsmanship, and the precision of handmade leather goods. Proud of local talents, she aims to shed more light on craftsmanship, and even attract a younger generation to support this forgotten craft.

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