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‘Selissa’s Jewelry’: turning scars into beauty

‘Selissa’s Jewelry’: turning scars into beauty

Intimate, sincere, and outspoken, ‘Selissa’s Jewelry’’ is an unapologetically beautiful brand that aims to address women who hate shackles and boundaries. The homegrown brand depends on unbalanced and chaotic metals to deliver genuine fashion statements. Each piece is an eloquent advocate that recounts a story.

does not shy away from focusing on the hardships which women face on a regular basis. Most recently, Selissa’s chose to unfold the tales behind the ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. The brand’s debut collection features sincere sensations in a minimal form.

Between earrings, rings, bracelets, and bold chokers, the collection depends on the familiarity of geometrical shapes. On the other hand, it delivers a modern twist and raw aesthetic through the hammered finish as well as an unruly elegance.

As women often choose to hide their struggles and burdens within themselves, far from those they love the most, this collection plans to achieve the opposite. The intricate pieces transform such hardships into accolades that should be flaunted in public.

According to Norhan Selim and her partner Laila Abdelkerim, women should proudly wear such scars. Motivated by the beauty, inspiration, and the strength of women, each detail is made to serve a grand philosophy.   

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