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Review: Mango’s Italian restaurant

Review: Mango’s Italian restaurant

Italian food has been hitting the food market in Egypt strongly lately, with several new restaurants opening that are specialised in pastas and pizzas. Indeed, nothing beats a hot, mouth-watering plate of pasta with parmesan cheese on top, or a slice of pizza taking you into a better world full of dancing olives and pepperoni!

“Mango’s Pizza and Pasta” is one of the latest restaurants to open in Cairo. The indoor section is partly small, yet very cosy. Decorated in the style of Italian homes, pendulous bouquets are suspended from the balconies and the smell of the flowers surrounds the tables, transporting the customer to the wonders of Rome.

The outdoor area is a bit wider, with spaces between tables to provide enough privacy and comfort to visitors, with a high green fence to separate the restaurants from the surrounding buildings.

A 10:30 pm visit for dinner with only two tables occupied made the service provided by the waitress a highly enjoyable one.  Moreover, it was hard not to notice the unique menu shaped as a rolling pin.

As for the food, we ordered “Melanzane alla Parmigiano” as an appetizer, which is a baked eggplant with mozzarella, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. It needed to be cooked a little bit more, but otherwise the combination was good.

Going with the basic regular pasta, we ordered Alfredo pasta with mushrooms and grilled chicken. The plate tasted fine, but the white sauce needed to be thicker. However, the chicken’s unique flavour was remarkable, and although the size of the plate was a bit small, overall the plate was beyond good. The prices ranged from EGP 30-60.

As for the pizza, for those who are meat lovers, will definitely fell for the Diavola. The combination of beef salami, mushrooms and chilli was just perfect. The thin pizza was crunchy and cheesy, with the taste of tomato sauce topping it off.

The place also provides shisha for guests. The overall experience was good, and the view and the general atmosphere is very interesting.

Mango’s is located on Ebad El-Rahman Street, Masaken Sheraton, Heliopolis

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