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Picturesque bow ties embrace butterfly wings

Picturesque bow ties embrace butterfly wings

butterfly bow ties by Picturesque

On the walls of natural museums, hundreds of colourful butterflies stand still as kids and grown-ups, equally, marvel at their rainbow of colours and hallow of glory. With unique paintings taking centre stage on the relatively-small wings of butterflies as well as the petals of wild flowers, human-made patterns often fail to compete.

Egyptian jewellery designer, Sara Osama, refuses that her creativity turn its back on wildlife. Therefore, her eccentric hand-made accessories do not only take inspiration from nature, but they also embrace it; figuratively and literally speaking.

Her show-stopping bow ties encompass mummified butterflies, dried flowers, and feathers. Just like snowballs, these unisex pieces of accessory envelop a glimpse of wilderness in the most fashion-forward method.

With that said, the designer is always keen on preserving nature through her work. Therefore, all used wings are taken without harming nature, as she is always keen on taking them after the butterfly’s natural death.

Osama is an entomologist with an eye and mind for fashion. Accordingly, her designs always aim to find a meeting point between the two distant worlds. Based on her passion for self-expression through jewellery as well as the urge to preserve beauty wherever found, the designer’s bow ties are tokens of nature living among the city’s concrete jungle.

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Through the transparent glass of her designs, wings with dramatic black eyes as well as ombré petals and intricate feathers could be seen. Meanwhile, she adds her vintage aesthetic as a designer through geometric metal frames to enfold her extraordinary creations.

Through her hand-made brand, Papillons, Osama gives her customers a variety of accessories; all inspired by far-gone eras and suspended moments in time. Her home-grown label is best known for Victorian pendants and wallet-friendly pearls.

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